The opportunity of ‘Help Mark’ birth is that I suggested the general mark for people with obstacles not to be understood from their appearances, in the metropolitan assembly budget special committee in 2012.


Because of my suggestion, Tokyo, under the charge of the former Tokyo president Shintaro Ishihara made ‘Help Mark’. And then, in 2017 when the welfare section of the JIS mark was revised for the first time in 70 years, ‘Help Mark’ was added there, and became the nationwide common welfare mark.


I got the idea of the ‘Help Mark’ from my own experience of the unexpected accident in my mid-30s that left me with a mid-life disability due to a total hip replacement, which led me to advocate for ‘lifelong welfare’. 5 years have passed since my proposal was realized, and the ring of the people who feel the same thought spreads step by step. As a result, ‘Help Mark’ was added to the JIS welfare section.


This ring spreads more, for people who have the inconvenience of their minds and bodies and need assistance and care to take part in social activities, the NPO Corporation JAPAN HELP MARK Dissemination and Awareness Raising Association as a proponent of ‘Help Mark’, promotes its correct understanding and dissemination and awareness raising.


There are aging, unexpected disasters, accidents and diseases. Anyone may experience these. ‘Welfare’ means ‘happiness’.

I hope that ‘lifelong welfare’ that the society where people feel ‘welfare’ and ‘happiness’ for through their lives, will be realized in this country, and ‘Help Mark’ that originated in Japan becomes the world welfare mark.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation of ‘Help Mark’ dissemination and awareness raising.


The NPO Corporation JAPAN HELP MARK Dissemination and Awareness Raising Association


Chief Director   

Akemi Yamaka



What is the 'Help Mark'?


National diffusion status


Various initiatives


Messages based on symptoms

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Examples of Help Mark usage

A sticker indicating that a person in need of care is being transported.